LinkedIn Lead Extractor

Want to mine leads from Linkedin? Don't want your account to get banned? This service is for you. We can mine leads from LinkedIn for you. Just give us the targeting you want to use and the leads will go directly into a google sheet for you to access.

LinkedIn Messenger & Connect Bot

With this bot, enter your search parameters and click run. Then watch as it messages up to 50 people per day your custom message while asking to connect with them on LinkedIn. This is great for recruitment, job hunting, sales and for simply expanding your network.

Targeted Twitter followers bot

Do you have amazing content on your twitter account, but no followers to see it? With this bot, you can target followers of other relevant groups or accounts and follow them daily. Those that don't follow you back within a week will be unfollowed automatically.

Twitter Followers Scraper

With the help of this application you can scrape and save followers of any group in a CSV file. It'll create two files having both ID and screen names of the members.

Groupon Lead Extractor

Want to Target Companies on Groupon? No problem, This bot can extract information about the company, the deals they offer, phone numbers and emails from Groupon.

Yellow Pages Data Extraction

With this bot, we can extract information about your target customers using yellow pages. We can acquire company information based on keywords. You will get the company's name, website, address, email address, and phone number delivered in a google sheet daily.

Craiglist Bot

Information coming soon

Custom Bots

Are you looking for a fully custom bot? Look no further. Contact us and let's make your vision a reality.

Rental lead generation

Do you have rental listings that need to be filled? This is the lead generation service that is right for you. With a simple monthly subscription per property listing, we can generate tailored leads for your rentals that will convert. All leads are potential tenants that are actively looking for a rental within your listing's area and price range.

Lead Generation

Do you have a specific set of customers that you want to target but don't know how? Click "Contact Us" and we can help you figure out how.